Café Services' Boston, Massachusetts Office

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Boston, MA 02108
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Ask a Café Services chef what’s best about cooking for business diners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and you’re likely to get an answer that echoes a Massachusetts state slogan, “It’s all here.”

By that we mean everything that gets a chef’s creative juices flowing.

Chef Cory's cajun crusted catfish over a bed of butternut succotash

Like a large, ethnically diverse population whose tastes range from exotic world cuisines to traditional comfort foods. Motivated, health-conscious professionals in higher education, biotechnology, finance, health care and high tech who are up on the latest food trends; and skilled, eco-minded stewards of the environment that value community and the state’s abundant natural resources.

For a business dining management innovator like Café Services, it’s all here in historic Boston, home to our regional office serving business diners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The capitol of Massachusetts, vibrant Boston and its environs are home to the world champion Red Sox, Harvard University and a stellar collection of arts centers, cultural institutions and topflight dining establishments. It is within easy reach of Rhode Island’s capitol city, Providence, and the region’s many natural wonders—from beautiful beaches to rivers, lakes and forests to rolling hills and mountains.

Many of our business diners have deep, ancestral roots that trace back to the Pilgrims, or Irish and Italian immigrants who came in droves during the 19th and 20th centuries. Others are more recent arrivals from the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, drawn to the city’s world-class educational and economic opportunities.

At Café Services, we thrive on the diversity and high expectations of our diners.


Tomato QuesadillaIt inspires our talented chefs to stay at the top of their game, and innovate with new local and ethnic cuisines. And it feeds the passion for service excellence we infuse into our business cafeteria management service. It’s a mindset we bring to work every day with the best of the region’s local food, vendors and talent.

Local Food


Salmon kebab on a bed of riceIt’s hard not be a foodie when you live in New England. With the Atlantic Ocean so near, Café Services diners have a healthy appetite for local, fresh seafood like lobster, oysters, mussels and clams; and cod, haddock and Atlantic salmon.

Good thing our chefs have mastered seafood. Check out a Café Services menu and you’ll find a mouth-watering choice of local fish staples—like New England clam chowder (the ONLY kind, if you ask a local), a lobster roll, or a rosy fillet of fresh salmon on a bed of locally grown wheat berries.

Then there’s the fresh produce. Café Services’ business diners know first hand how much better food tastes when it comes straight from the farm.

Lucky for them, Café Services is a big supporter of farm-to-table dining.

Our chefs regularly shop local farmers’ markets for seasonal, fresh produce to accompany our main courses—like juicy tomatoes to top a grilled haddock sandwich. Local potatoes to mash and serve alongside a comfort food favorite like meatloaf or roast turkey breast; or, a medley of tender, yellow and green beans to pair with a lemon-herb chicken breast.

Local Vendors


Western Breakfast Bowl - Cheddar Jack, Peppers, Onions, Ham, Two EggsCafé Services works closely with trusted wholesalers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island that share our values on sustainability, community and quality.

We buy bread, baked daily from an award-winning bakery on Cape Cod, meats from a Rhode Island farm hub, and fresh produce from a Boston wholesaler that works exclusively with New England growers. Our local seafood provider is a New England leader in sustainable fishing and aquaculture.

With local connections like these, Café Services chefs get the creative leeway to innovate with the freshest, seasonal ingredients on hand and satisfy diners’ special requests.

Local Talent

Great business food service management starts with knowing your customer. As locals, Café Services associates have an edge.

Our diners find us easy to open up to us because we have so much in common.

We shop at the same stores, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same beaches and cheer for the same sports teams—all icebreakers for candid conservations about what they like, don’t like and how we can improve their dining experience.

Our chefs and hospitality professionals LOVE this kind feedback. As members of the communities in which we serve, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work, and we’re constantly striving to do more.