Corporate Dining Company Makes Big Splash at Comcast With 2nd Annual Lobster & Crab Boil

Delaware diners LOVE their fresh steamed crabs. It’s no surprise. From April to October, crabs by the thousands feast on clams and worms in the Delaware tidal flats.

The critters are easy prey for corporate dining companies serving the region—like Café Services at the Comcast call center in Newark, near the Pennsylvania border. On July 24, Café Services lured almost three-dozen seafood-craving employees to its second annual lobster and crab boil—almost triple the number from its inaugural event last summer.

lobster-crab-boil.jpgThe menu featured fresh, steamed Delaware crabs sourced locally from a nearby fish supplier and boiled Maine lobster, offered individually or as a combo meal. Flavored with Old Bay seasoning, the seafood entrées were accompanied by finger-licking sides such as red bliss potatoes and seasonal corn-on-the-cob.

Comcast service agent, Angelie Peete, gave the food a stellar review, “The crabs were very meaty and flavorful, and I was impressed by the size of my co-worker’s lobster. He said it was cooked perfect!”

Café Services took special care to create a social, picnic-like atmosphere. Co-workers dined family-style at long, paper-covered tables on the outdoor dining patio. Lobsters boiled in over-sized pots out in the open. To set a relaxed yet steady pace through the half-hour lunch break, Café Services kept food orders warm and ready-to-eat on trays that diners quickly grabbed as they walked onto the patio.

If the July 24th lunch crowd is any indication, the Café Services lobster and crab boil has a long life ahead at Comcast in Newark. The Café Services general manager for Comcast say word-of-mouth plays a big part attracting diners to the event. “People go back to their desks after eating at the cookout and rave about it to their co-workers. It happens a lot at Café Services.”