Shared Commitment To Go Above and Beyond Brings Koch Business Solutions at Invista To Café Services Family


Sue Thompson, Facilities Manager for Koch Business Solutions at Invista, is a person who constantly strives to do things better. So when it came time to explore new possibilities in corporate dining, she set her sights on Café Services.

A corporate food service company serving the mid-Atlantic and northeast, Café Services is known not only for the quality of its food, but also for its creativity and commitment to go above and beyond in all aspects of customer service.

“Every reference I called—and I called them all—said ‘they’ll exceed your expectations,’” said Sue, who joined Invista in fall of 2012, when the firm was renegotiating its contract with its previous corporate food service company. “The references were validated on several visits to Comcast, which had been a Café Services customer for a few years. I was impressed by what I saw every time.”

On March 2, Café Services took over corporate food service operations at Invista, a subsidiary of Koch Industries and maker of leading global brands including LYCRA, ® COOLMAX® and STAINMASTER. ® About 300 business people and engineers work from the company’s Wilmington, Delaware location.

Worldly professionals with refined tastes in food, many travel extensively for business or pleasure; and come back with special requests for new dishes or cooking styles. Café Services Chef/Manager, Tom Delvecchio, is happy to oblige.

“Taking care of the customer is first and foremost in our eyes,” he says. “Although we’re employed by Café Services, we work for our customers.”

Sue Thompson agrees with the Café Services view of customer service. She finds it to be one of the biggest benefits of working with a company that emphasizes hiring top talent—a Café Services hallmark.

She says, “Café Services WANTS to help, from the top down. It wants to hire people that want to impress. That’s the immediate impression I got from senior management when I first considered asking them for a bid. It’s exactly what I’m experiencing now as a new customer. The food is so good, and it’s presented so beautifully. The attention to detail makes all the difference.”