Café Services Helps BIC Combat Rising Healthcare Costs With FitPicks Healthy Meals and Education


The North American headquarters of BIC Consumer Products in Shelton, Connecticut has long made employee health and wellness a focus. But when healthcare costs took a big jump last year, the company made it a mission; and enlisted Café Services to help rally employees behind the cause.

In January, Café Services, a corporate food services company serving Massachusetts and the greater northeast, helped BIC launch a comprehensive health and wellness program to encourage healthy eating choices and nutrition awareness. Developed jointly by BIC and Café Services’ registered dietitians and culinary experts, the FitPicks™ program at BIC rewards diners for making healthy choices with free FitPicks meals for frequent buyers and discounts off FitPicks vending snacks.

To appeal to different tastes, Cafe Services has also expanded the variety of healthy options throughout the BIC café, with 50% of the menu meeting FitPicks criteria for calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol. To help diners make informed choices, Café Services uses labels and signs to highlight FitPicks options and provide details on nutritional content.

Café Services led small group tours of the Café in early January to give employees the lay of the land and answer questions about the cuisine, healthy cooking techniques and nutrition. The corporate food services company is also working with BIC to offer quarterly, onsite nutrition awareness events on a range of food and health-related topics. Last fall, Café Services corporate dietitian, Rebecca Cunningham, addressed a group on the benefits of limiting sodium.

Café Services chef/manager, Tim Foley, says the education events and tours are a big reason the FitPicks program at BIC is getting off to such a strong start. “Helping diners develop healthier eating habits it all about giving them better choices and making sure they’re aware of their choices. This is where the Café Services FitPicks program really stands out.”

Cafe Services offers its FitPicks wellness program to all corporate dining locations. Ask how we can customize a FitPicks program for your employees. Contact us today!