How Café Services Thrives

The success of Café Services is closely linked to the satisfaction of its growing roster of loyal customers.

At least that’s how Brian Stone sees it. Founder and CEO of the corporate food services company serving Massachusetts and the greater northeast, Brian is featured in a recent article showing how firms like Café Services win over customers on quality, service and value.

Responsive service matters

From its 1993 origins serving summer camps, Café Services has grown 10% to 15% annually into a leading, regional corporate food services company with $40 million in annualized sales. Brian chalks up the company’s success to its focus on responsiveness and catering to highly specific customer needs.

“As a regional business, we have the flexibility to customize our offerings,” says Brian. “For example, we were able to help General Electric launch a corporate-wide health and wellness initiative at its Plainville, Connecticut location.”

Another area where Café Services excels is corporate catering, a function that requires close attention to detail, customized planning and on-demand service. Brian says this is one of many factors that enable Café Services to attract larger, global companies like Verizon that use these services daily.

As Brian puts it, Café Services can “spin on a dime.” To food service management customers that need to the same, this is just as important as the quality of Café Services’ food.

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